Reliable labeling, every time.

Quattro Rx IV Label is the right solution for compliance with federal regulation such as USP ‹797› and HIPAA. Meant for daily use under hospital conditions, Quattro Rx is the clear choice for better performance.

Alcohol Resistant
Alcohol Resistant

Patient safety is affected when a smudged barcode cannot be scanned.

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Save money by recycling IV bags and medication, and not wasting time picking off labels.

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HIPAA Compliant
HIPAA Compliant

Patient privacy is not safe when “overlabeled” or redacted labels show prior patient info.

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Endurance & Ease
Endurance & Ease

Adheres firmly even to frozen bags, ensuring labels are not lost during the thawing process.

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Are you drowning in good intentions?

Compliance with USP ‹797› has prompted many hospital compounding pharmacies to use more and more alcohol on a daily basis.

Yet the solution is as risky as the problem. IV bag labels exposed to alcohol and hand sanitizers have an increased risk of critical information on the label fading or turning black. Avoid the problems that can come with a smudged barcode:

  • Patient potentially gets the wrong medication
  • Patient potentially¬†gets the wrong dosage

Quattro Rx IV Label is the clear solution for compliance and patient safety.

label exposed to alcohol

Reduce Your Risk with Quattro Rx

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